How Best to Maximize Dental Insurance Benefits

October 27, 2023

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A nurse helping a patient with dental insurance benefits

Like many, you may rely on dental insurance for oral care. That’s only natural – a good plan will reduce your treatment costs! Perhaps, though, you’re not maximizing your policy’s great benefits. If so, you aren’t getting as much from it as possible. Luckily, your local West Orange dentist is happy to resolve this issue. It’s just a matter of using the right tips and tricks. That being said, here are three helpful ways to maximize your dental insurance benefits.

Understand Your (Dental) Plan

You must grasp your dental plan to take full advantage of it. So, confirm the kind you have and its deductibles, co-pays, and annual maximums.

 In particular, learn which of the two plan types you have. Said types are:

  • HMO Plans – With an HMO, you choose an in-network dentist to handle your needs. Doing so means a lower co-pay for office visits, procedures, etc. If you visit an out-of-network provider,  there won’t be any coverage. On the upside, HMOs have no deductible or maximum.
  • PPO Plans – A PPO lets you see in-network and out-of-network providers. (Its coverage is better, though, if you stay in-network.) Once the deductible is paid, it reimburses you for a percentage of certain dental services. This percentage varies by treatment and goes higher with an in-network dentist.

Maintain Preventive Care

Yes, many patients see dental checkups as boring. Such visits can seem like tedious wastes of time. That said, each checkup will save you money.

If you didn’t know already, most dental plans cover preventive care. They’ll fully pay for oral exams, teeth cleanings, and routine X-rays. In contrast, policies don’t usually cover restorative or emergency work. They make patients pay out-of-pocket for serious oral issues. Therefore, save more by attending checkups than by fixing things later.

Divide Treatment Costs

While effective, a dental plan’s benefits aren’t infinite. They only apply when you stay under the annual maximum. That being the case, book treatments wisely to accrue more savings.

For example, you could spread a procedure over this year and the next. This approach relies on two annual maximums instead of one. In other words, you’d use your remaining benefits and the following year’s benefits as well. This division of costs will greatly reduce your out-of-pocket payments.

If you apply the ideas above, you’ll surely maximize your dental insurance benefits. Just remember to start this process before the year’s end!

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