Sedation Dentist – West Orange, NJ

Sedation Makes Dental Care Stress-Free

Our patients who are undergoing surgical dental procedures, like a tooth extraction, have access to nitrous oxide sedation administered by our qualified and experienced professionals. Dental sedation is an excellent option for those who experience anxiety or fear at the thought of visiting the dentist, or for those who have an extensive upcoming treatment. To learn whether you can benefit from nitrous oxide sedation dentistry in West Orange, call our dental office today.

Why Choose D&G Dental of West Orange for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Calm Nervous Thoughts & Anxiety
  • Administered by Trained Experts
  • Kind, Friendly, & Compassionate Team

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting form of dental sedation that is safely administered by one of our trained dentists. We’ll place a small mask over the nose that will allow you to breathe in a colorless, odorless gas. Within seconds, you’ll feel a calming wave wash over you that will immediately help you feel more relaxed in the treatment chair. After your procedure is complete, we will turn off the sedation and have you breathe oxygen to help flush out the effects. Typically, our patients are able to go about the rest of their days as they normally would because the side-effects of nitrous oxide are minimal, and sometimes non-existent.