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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Most of the time, the dentists and their team at D & G Dental do the best they can to help patients hang to their own teeth for a lifetime. There are, however, certain exceptions to that rule, because sometimes the best option for your oral health and well being is extraction. One example of this is wisdom tooth extraction. Whether these teeth have erupted or are impacted beneath gum tissue, they can pose a threat to your other teeth and your overall oral health. Therefore, our dentists usually recommend wisdom tooth extraction in West Orange.

Specific Reason for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your dentist in West Orange finds that wisdom teeth are simply often too large for a patient’s jaw. A very long time ago when prehistoric man roamed the earth, these large teeth were essential for chewing a rough diet. At the time, the human jaw was large enough to accommodate these teeth. Now, however, our jaws are smaller and our diets are much softer so wisdom teeth have become obsolete and are often not worth the trouble. They can put pressure on nearby teeth, causing pain. Wisdom teeth can be a particular problem if you or your child has recently has orthodontic treatment; alignment issues can develop as a result of this pressure.

Additional reasons for wisdom teeth extraction include:

The Process of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Our dentists understand that any kind of oral surgery including wisdom tooth extraction can be unsettling. Therefore, in addition to fully anesthetizing the area around each of your wisdom teeth, we usually recommend IV sedation. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Ghobadi, administers the IV and carefully watches your vital signs during the entire procedure.

Once you are comfortable, each wisdom tooth is surgically exposed. If possible, we’ll use forceps to pull the tooth, but if the tooth is too large or impacted then the tooth may need to be cut and removed in sections. The surgical site is then sutured and you’re given time to relax and recover in our office.

If you need wisdom tooth removal in West Orange, Caldwell, Verona, Roseland, Cedar Grove, or surrounding northern New Jersey communities, contact D&G Dental for an appointment.