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Invisalign Leads the Pack for a Straight Smile

September 16, 2017

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Invisalign clear alignerWhen it comes to getting a straight smile, teens and adults have come to quickly prefer Invisalign as a sophisticated treatment. The use of clear aligners allows you to align your teeth without metal wires or brackets. Although several advancements have been made in orthodontics over the last few years, the clear aligners continue to lead the pack when it comes to moving your teeth into their correct position. Now, the treatment offers more benefits than ever before due to new features.

Your Dentist Explains the Steps for a Dental Crown

September 6, 2017

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Woman at dentistIf you have a severely damaged or abnormally shaped tooth, your dentist has likely recommended that you receive a dental crown. This procedure is routinely used to restore a tooth’s health, function, and appearance. While it is very beneficial, many can be hesitant to undergo the treatment due to the preparation process. It involves multiple steps that permanently alter its structure. However, you have nothing to fear. The treatment is quickly and carefully performed to promote your dental health.

4 Point Checklist: Do You Need to See Your Dentist for a Root Canal?

August 15, 2017

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woman at dental appointmentYou might shudder at the thought of receiving a root canal. However, this procedure, wherein your dentist in West Orange will remove the infected and/or damaged part of a tooth, can preserve your smile and spare you from pain. But how do you know if you need a root canal? If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to seek a professional diagnosis.


Tips for a Healthy Back to School Smile with Your Family Dentist in Caldwell

August 3, 2017

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girl with back packIt is that wonderful time again where your child gets ready to start an amazing new school year. To ensure they head into the upcoming grade with their best foot forward, you take the time to get school supplies, a new back pack, and everything else on the list. However, despite your careful planning, you may be overlooking one important factor—the health of their teeth and gums. By promoting their oral health now, you save them missed days from school and unexpected appointments with their family dentist in Caldwell. To promote a successful year ahead, there are four simple tips to promote a healthy smile.

Tips on Managing Wisdom Teeth Pain at Home From Your Dentist in West Orange

July 20, 2017

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Learn how to effectively manage wisdom teeth pain at home from your dentist in West Orange.Wisdom teeth typically arrive in between the ages of 18-25 years old. While it’s usually recommended that they be extracted at some point, you may encounter some time in between their arrival and removal where they can cause some discomfort. While your dentist in West Orange is always happy to help alleviate your pain, there are also some steps you can take at home to eliminate discomfort from your wisdom teeth until it’s time to take them out.


How to Eat After Your Root Canal in Caldwell

June 26, 2017

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Your dentist lists excellent foods to eat after a root canal in Caldwell.When your dentist at D & G Dental informs you that you need a root canal, your instant thought is often, “what am I going to eat?” Now, advancements in dentistry now make the procedure no worse than a traditional dental filling so you will not have to limit your diet too much. It is not uncommon for it to be a bit tender for the next few days. As you recover from your root canal in Caldwell, there are several foods we recommend that you eat.

Instead of Googling, “Dentist Near Me,” Follow These 4 Tips

May 22, 2017

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How many times have you had to search, “dentist near me” for help with your porcelain veneers?If you’re looking for a dental procedure that will provide a long-lasting, beautiful smile even when your natural smile could not—look no further. The custom porcelain veneers that you’re looking for are right under your nose! Instead of googling, “dentist near me” to find the closest cosmetic dentist, consider visiting our dental experts at D & G Dental. If you’ve been struggling to achieve your highest quality of life because you have chipped, discolored, or unevenly spaced teeth, we can help you! We also provide all our patients the tips and information you need to maintain your corrected smile for years after receiving your porcelain veneers.


A Dental Cleaning in Caldwell is a Great Gift to Yourself!

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When you get a dental cleaning in Caldwell you will feel so much better and squeaky clean! Everyone knows that being a mother means that you put everyone else before yourself. Many mothers love that responsibility and wouldn’t trade anything for it, but it’s always important to take the time to treat yourself every once in a while. Visiting D & G Dental of West Orange for a dental cleaning in Caldwell could be just what you and your smile need! If it’s almost 6 months or past 6 months since your last routine dental checkup and professional cleaning, here’s a few reasons why you should consider coming by!


Dental Implants In West Orange Give You A Lot To Smile About

April 21, 2017

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How can you improve your jaw strength and fill in the gaps in your smile? With dental implants in West Orange from D&G Dental. As you’ve gotten older, everything has changed – including your smile. Your once radiant grin now has a few blank spots from missing teeth. You’re finally ready for dental implants in West Orange, but you’re not sure if they’re really the best option over dentures or a bridge. In this post, learn all about this superior artificial upgrade and how you can get your winning smile back from the experts at D&G Dental.


Come to D & G Dental for Dental Implants in West Orange

March 15, 2017

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For dental implants in West Orange, trust the team at D & G Dental. Missing teeth can impact your life in so many ways. Unfortunately, most of them are not pleasant. Sharing your smile may be mostly embarrassing; eating foods such as a juicy steak or a firm apple may be next to impossible; and even speaking clearly can be difficult depending on which teeth you’re missing. Dental implants, on the other hand, can have a very pleasant impact. The difference they can make may be nothing less than life altering. For dental implants in West Orange, visit the dentists and their staff at D & G Dental. We’ll be glad to discuss teeth replacement with you.


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