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Dental Implants in West Orange NJ

May 10, 2015

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West Orange dental implants integrate with bone for a secure foundation

D&G Dental of West Orange, NJ specializes in high-quality dental implants for permanent tooth replacement. Comprised of a titanium screw, post and porcelain crown, these lifelike restorations replace one or more missing teeth flawlessly for a natural look and feel.

A secure, permanent and natural-looking solution to one or more missing teeth is the West Orange, NJ dental implant. The skilled dentists at D&G Dental have perfected the placement of this innovative tooth replacement option, giving patients from teens through senior years a secure, permanent and great-looking artificial root and tooth that lasts a lifetime.
It’s important to replace missing teeth

Smile gaps cause far-reaching physical and emotional issues such as :

  • jaw and gum recession because the natural biting and chewing forces which exercise the bone and keep it strong are absent
  • drifting of teeth surrounding the gap, compromising strength and alignment
  • diminished self-esteem and confidence

So, to retain optimal oral, physical and emotional well-being, tooth replacement is a priority.

Implant dentists offer the finest option in missing teeth replacement

Traditional partial and full dentures and fixed bridgework have long been the treatment of choice to restore form, function and appearance to smiles. None of these choices, however, maintains the health and integrity of the jaw bone. Bone recedes very quickly once a tooth is removed. In addition, full dentures carry their own problems: slippage, need to refit or replace, and speech and eating issues. Bridgework requires grinding down of teeth on either side of the bridge so it can be supported by porcelain crowns.

On the other hand, dental implants, singly, in multiples or as anchors for fixed or removable dentures, actually strengthen the jaw bone. Made from titanium, dental implants are screwed directly into the jaw through a comfortable in-office surgical procedure. The top of the implant protrudes through the gum and remains uncovered for some weeks to allow bone and soft tissues to heal.

That surgery creates a solid foundation for the new tooth. Beyond that, bone cells of the jaw are actually attracted to and integrate with the implant. This natural and almost miraculous process is called osseointegration, and it is the reason why patients say their implants feel like their real teeth.

After the healing period, the West Orange dental implant dentist affixes a metal abutment or post to the implant. This abutment accepts a beautiful and natural-looking porcelain crown that precisely fits the empty space and bites exactly with its neighbors on the opposite jaw bone. Additionally, implant dentists use these titanium devices to support fixed bridgework or full arches of fixed or removable dentures.

West Orange dental implants last for years and years to come

Doctors Medhat Dawoud, Paula Gencarelli and Ghobadi bring their exceptional technical skill to the process of placing dental implants. They have found that these state of the art tooth replacements are a one-time fix–that is, their success rate is right around 98 percent. Once healed and well taken care of with careful dental hygiene, check-ups and cleanings, dental implants last for years and years.

Find out more

The dentists at D&G Dental of West Orange can explain the dental implant procedure and evaluate your oral health to determine if you are a candidate for this outstanding dental procedure. Contact the West Orange office for an appointment today.

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