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Dental Emergencies Welcome Late Hours Available Open Saturdays

Our Emergency Care

Dental emergencies can be sudden, terrifying, and inconvenient. What patients of all ages need most in this situation is a trusted team to fall back on for expert care and friendly support, and that’s just what we can provide for you here at D&G Dental. Dr. Dawoud, and Dr. Gencarelli will do everything in their power to provide same-day service that gives you the relief you need as quickly as possible.  We have two convenient locations in West Orange, NJ and Caldwell, NJ, and patients from Verona, Roseland, Cedar Grove, and other northern New Jersey communities are also welcome. Don’t wait – contact us right away for emergency assistance!

So what constitutes a dental emergency? We trust your judgment, but just in case you’re hesitant, here are some of the most common cases our team would regard as urgent:

While there are many dental emergencies that simply can’t be avoided, our patients can take steps to protect themselves from oral damage. Take special care when eating foods that are particularly hard or sticky, and don’t chew the ice in your drink. Always use scissors instead of your teeth to open difficult packaging. Wear a sportsguard when participating in athletic activities where any kind of contact can occur, and of course, attend regular check-ups and cleanings with our team!

If you think you may be experiencing a broken jaw, don’t wait – go straight to your nearest emergency room for assistance. If you lost or damaged your teeth in the incident, contact our team afterwards so that we can arrange reconstructive care. Contact either our West Orange, NJ location or our Caldwell, NJ location today if you’re in need of help.