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Dental Crowns & Bridges in West Orange & Caldwell

D&G Dental Creates Strong Smiles

man and woman leaning in close smilingDental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over your natural tooth when damage has threatened function, comfort, and appearance. A crown can be used to cover a tooth heavily damaged by extensive decay, broken teeth, teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy, or even to hold a bridge in place. Made from long-lasting and tooth-colored porcelain, crowns from D&G Dental offer a tooth repair option that’s durable, strong, reliable, and beautiful.

Dental bridges are a tooth replacement option, but unlike dentures or partial dentures, they’re non-removable. By anchoring the bridge in place with dental crowns, patients receive new teeth that are strong and reliable, keeping you from experiencing the embarrassing slips that are often associated with removable dentures.

Our crowns and bridges are made in trusted dental labs where our doctors have built long-term relationships, ensuring you get complete quality when it’s most important. You want dental crowns and bridges that last while also improving the appearance of your smile, and our team in West Orange and Caldwell goes to great lengths to make sure that all the care we provide leads to extremely satisfying results. Crowns and bridges can improve oral health while also giving your self-confidence a serious boost!

To explore options for repairing your damaged smile, contact D&G Dental. Our offices serve West Orange, Caldwell, Verona, Roseland, Cedar Grove, and beyond. With over 15 years of experience serving the West Orange community, Dr. Dawoud has gained the trust of his patients by providing excellent results for gorgeous and healthy smiles.